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Vishudda (Throat) Chakra Bracelet

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Vishudda (Throat) Chakra Bracelet
Vishudda (Throat) Chakra Bracelet
  • Our Chakra Bracelets are created using real stones that have not be heated or dyed.

    You are able to diffuse your favorite essential oils onto the lava rocks we used to create your bracelet.

    You may choose from Amazonite, Sodalite, or Green Tree Agate for your Vishudda Bracelet. 

    Association:  Thyroid, Respiratory System, Teeth, Vocal Cords

    Hormonal Stimulus:  Thyroxin Hormones (Controls Metabolism) 

    Physiological Response:  Communication, Self-Expression, Honesty, Ability To Organize, Appreciation Of Beauty, Order, And Peace

    Bracelets measure approximately 7.25" in length with an additional 1.5" extender chain. Total length is approximately 8.75".

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