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Strength Builder Bracelet

Regular price $38.00
Strength Builder Bracelet

This guy is a powerhouse. 
Associated with Root Chakra, Jasper can be a grounding stone, helping you find balance. It is also connected with the ability to assist in building strengths and diminish weaknesses, by clearing insecurity and fear.
Onyx is said to aid in the development of physical and emotional strength, block energy vampires, and boost stamina.

How fitting for us to use these stones in this fantastic leather ladder design. Need a boost? Going up? Absolutely.

This particular Jasper is special, as it has Pyrite fused with with. The beautiful beads have glints of that fantastic metallic sheen. Pyrite is said to attract luck and wealth.

Bracelet measures approximately 17" long. It is knotted to adjust length and will fit a 6.5"-8.5" wrist comfortably. 

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