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Soldier of the Heart Wrap Diffuser Bracelet

Regular price $30.00
Soldier of the Heart Wrap Diffuser Bracelet

This beautifully designed bracelet was created with Peach Quartz, Moonstone, Fancy Jasper, and Lava Rock. It's adorned with a delicious peach tassel, and a Tree of Life charm. The wrap bracelet measures 15" in length.

Peach Quartz is incredibly helpful if you are having difficulty expressing yourself emotionally.  It is also amazing for releasing energy blockages within the Swadhisthana and Higher-Anahata Chakras.

Moonstone is said to enhance feminine energies, intuition, and sensitivity. It is also a stress relieving stone that aids in calming responses, and detouring one from over reacting. 

Fancy Jasper is a mighty soldier; It is a master protector and healer, leaving a sense of wholeness, and tranquility. Our soldier is also an amazing grounding stone. This means that it will neutralize negative energies, as well as protect from external stresses and external dramas.


Lava Rock is an amazing diffuser for your essential oils.


AnahataLove, Compassion, Generosity, Ability To Be Supportive, And Family Focused. 

Swadhisthana: Self-Respect, Pleasure, Happiness, Sex, Humility, Social Joy.


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