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Rainbow Jasper/Pyrite Earrings

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Rainbow Jasper/Pyrite Earrings


These colorful earrings are created with a Rainbow Jasper/Pyrite fusion stone, adorable mandarin orange micro tassels, and hypoallergenic nickel free earwires. 

Rainbow Jasper/Pyrite Fusion: Be prepared to have your mind blown. Jasper and Pyrite work together, seamlessly to not only aid in a quest for knowledge, but to enrich it.

Pyrite inspires creativity in science, mathematics, and the arts; but also acts as a talisman against negative energies. This makes it an amazing aid against

Rainbow Jasper is awesome! It not only helps balance all of your chakras, it allows you to focus your thought processes. You will find that it keeps your mind from wandering to past or present; and it allows you to focus on the task at hand. 

This particular Jasper is rich with Pyrite. The factory combines these materials using significant pressure and heat. Once formed, the stone is stable and colorfast. 

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