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My Necklace Set

Sale price $45.00 Regular price $50.00
My Necklace Set
My Necklace Set

I know you may be wondering about the title of this necklace set. Well, I had myself in mind when I designed it. It is rich with Magnesite, Botswana Agate, faceted Lapis Lazuli, Aventurine, Howlite, and those amazing Pixie Paint beads. UGH. I love it. 

Why don't I keep it?  I absolutely adore the idea of someone loving this necklace set enough to purchase it; and I know they will wear it often, as a set or separately, building outfits around it. That's what we do, right, ladies?

So... if you happen to purchase this set, keep me in mind for borrowing privileges, okay?

You obviously have amazing taste in jewelry. 

This is a set of 2 necklaces.
The chain necklace measures in at 18 inches.
The stone/gemstone necklace, shortest length, measures at 26 inches.

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