Mommy and Me BohoBox
Mommy and Me BohoBox
Mommy and Me BohoBox

Mommy and Me BohoBox

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This box contains 2 skirts, 2 handwoven friendship bracelets, and 2 DIY deluxe bracelet kits suitable for ages 3+ with adult supervision. Sharing creativity with our little ones is something everyone should enjoy. We include instructions on creating the DIY bracelets. This is also a lovely gift for sisters.

Daddy and Me BohoBox is the same as the Mommy and Me BohoBox other than one skirt being replaced with one of our pairs of Boho Pants.

If you have more than one little one, we have add on kits available, too. 

This box comes with a beautiful 24" and a 20" reversible silk skirts created with fair trade silk sari scrap material. There are nearly 100 different ways to wear these skirts. We have a couple pictured in our photos, but will include a little pamphlet with step by step instructions to achieve 12 of our favorite looks.

We also have 16" length for smaller children. Please, specify in the notes section if you would like 16" instead. We will gladly substitute, as our stock allows.

This box includes the 2 skirts, 2 bracelets, 2 DIY bracelet kits.

The silk comes in a variety of colors and patterns with each item being completely different from the last. We make an effort to coordinate the other items in each box with the silk.

These wrap skirts can be worn as tops and dresses, too!

All skirt wraps will wrap around children a couple times or more.  They have reinforced holes in the waist of each skirt to support wrapping and assist in wearing a multitude of different ways.  When shopping for children, take length in mind.
Extra small wrap skirt measures approximately 16" long and 47" wide.  
Small wrap skirt measures approximately 20" long and 47" wide.
Wrap skirt measures approximately 24" long and 47" wide.