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Land and Sea Wrap Bracelet

Regular price $40.00
Land and Sea Wrap Bracelet
This bracelet was created based around the beautiful earthy agates. They are so intensely rich with mocha and rust colored inclusions that we could only bring out the distinct coloring with a vibrant contrast. This contrast sang Lapis to us, and we used a lot of it. Our Lapis is a striking deep oceanic blue, but also carries glittering gold Pyrite inclusions. Envision rich cliffs beaten away by waves, revealing delicious rich glittering earth.
We used a single scallop shell bead and a Tree of Life charm to tie our Land and Sea theme together. 
This wrap bracelet has lava rocks that can be used as a diffuser for your favorite essential oil blend.

This wrap bracelet measures approximately 16.5" in length.

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