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Charoite and Kunzite Stretch Bracelet Set

Regular price $30.00
Charoite and Kunzite Stretch Bracelet Set
We paired Russian Charoite and Kunzite to create a brilliant combo for amplifying spiritual enlightenment, healing and self-love. This set comes with 1 Kunzite, Charoite, and Picture Jasper bracelet and 1 Charoite and fragrant sandalwood bracelet accented with a lotus charm.

Charoite, known for its high vibrations, is said to be "The Healer's Stone".  It is often used to provide healing on all levels- physical, emotional, and spiritual.  It is associated with the Crown Chakra.
Kunzite is said to be a stone of emotion, helping the heart and mind to become stimulated and open to communication between the two.  It's associated with the Heart and Crown Chakras.

Charoite is 8mm, Kunzite is 8mm, Picture Jasper is 6mm, and sandalwood is 6mm. 

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