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Chakra Stretch Bracelet

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Chakra Stretch Bracelet
Chakra Stretch Bracelet
Chakra Stretch Bracelet
Our chakra bracelets are truly unique, as we have used Russian Charoite to represent the Crown Chakra and Apatite to represent the Throat Chakra.  In a world saturated with chakra bracelets, we want our products to remain unique and affordable. We paired our stones with natural lightly scented sandalwood beads.

Charoite is said to inspire service to the light. It is often cherished by healers. This stone represents our Crown Chakra.

Lapis is said to bring insight and encourage self-awareness. It is thought to assist in speaking one's truth and to inspire confidence and honesty. Lapis is also considered to be an intense protection amulet.  It's associated with the The 3rd Eye Chakra.

Apatite is associated with clearing confusion and frustration, clearing away apathy and anger.  Apatite is associated with the Throat Chakra.

Jade is often used as a luck talisman, said to bring good luck and friendship to those that keep near. It's also considered a protective stone that brings harmony to its wearer. Jade is associated with the Heart Chakra.

Citrine is just happy! This sunny stone promotes motivation and encourages self-expression, while eliminating negative traits such as fears and phobias and/or depression.  Citrine is associated with Solar Plexus Chakra.

Tiger Eye is used as a protection amulet, but its also considered to be a fortune stone, bringing luck to the wearer. It is often worn to promote mental clarity, assisting us to resolve issues objectively by unclouding our emotions. This stone represents our Sacral Chakra.

Red Agate is associated with being a protective stone. It is said to help you stay grounded during stressful or emotional times and to shield the wearer from negative energies such as fear and anxiety.

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