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Anahata Lotus Wrap Bracelet

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Anahata Lotus Wrap Bracelet
Anahata Lotus Wrap Bracelet

Oh, how we love to love Anahata. This unisex bracelet was designed to help aid in finding balance and stability with self love, and in turn the ability to honestly love others.  
We used our Tibetan style Agate to anchor and stabilize our Amazonite, and our Tiger Eye to gain clarity and a deeper understanding of self. The findings are a beautiful brass, that compliments all of our stones. Our lotus blossom symbolizes purity of speech, body, and mind. 

Amazonite is a strong Anahata/Heart Chakra stone associated with love, compassion, and family. 
Agate is a fierce protection stone associated with the grounding Muladhara/Root Chakra. It is said to aid in reason and balance.
Tiger Eye is a Swadhisthana/Sacral Chakra stone. It is said to aid in finding deep, revealing focus and clarity.


Bracelet measures approximately 16" in length with an additional 1.5" extension chain. Total approximate length is 17.5".


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