Flights of the Forest

Flights of the Forest

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The sun has reached that height where a golden hue has fallen upon the evergreens, rich with wildlife.  An aged tree loses a limb, causing the crack to reverberate through the once quite forest, and they take flight.  The birds defy gravity, and the deer seem to soar above the ground beneath them.  

This was our inspiration for Flights of the Forest.  Honey Jade represents our sunshine, and the multitude of greens found within our African Turquoise paired with our fragrant sandalwood to represent our woodland.  We accented our bracelet with a single bird, and a single deer.

Our wrap bracelets can we worn as a doubled bracelet, or a necklace.

Our wrap measures at approximately 16.5". Extension chain is available upon request.

African Turquoise, although named as such, is actually a form of Jasper that resembles turquoise due to natural coloring found within the stone.