Echoes of Eco

A few months ago, a butterfly sanctuary was bulldozed to make room for the "progress of man". This is a sanctuary that we loved, supported had sent donations to in the past. There was nothing we could do for them. Heartbroken, we looked toward our own backyard and reached out to Grimes Family Farm. We sent a business proposal letter asking if we could donate 10% of our new line profits toward helping them expand their bees.

Supporting our small farms and tiny friends is so incredibly important. If you want to 🐝 part of the solution, look to your community. You have reach, you have power to make a difference.

Echoes of Eco was inspired by our important bee friends and the flowers that dance with them.  We are donating 10% of this line's proceeds to Grimes Family Farm to help with expanding their bee population. 

We also help support their bees by purchasing their wax, exclusively to use in our organic body butters, available here on our website.

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